Miter Saw – The Makita Story

Founded in 1915, the Makita Corporation has nearly 100 years of expertise within the electronic tools business. From its humble beginnings as a tiny low electronics repair search in Nagoya, Japan, Makita has become one among the leading makers of quality electronic tools within the world. Its unbelievable growth from a trifle repair shop to 1 of the revered electronic tools maker within the world was fueled by its need to be the simplest provider of electronic tools, like battery operated power tools, pneumatic tools, and woodworking machines.

When it involves woodworking machines, Makita arguably produces one amongst the simplest within the world: the Makita miter saw.

The Makita Advantage

Precision is, perhaps, the foremost essential issue in any work that involves cutting wood. Each inches count. Create a blunder on your cut and you’d in all probability pay longer operating. Each cut ought to be correct. Error may be a huge disadvantage for somebody who will be doing woodworking or carpentry.

Makita is aware of this. To assist the woodworker or carpenter create precise wood cuts, Makita have made prime of the road miter saws that have options that might surely guarantee each cut you create are precise.

Several of its miter saws, like the LS1216LX, LS1216L, and LS1016L, have laser guide technology that permits users to examine precise visual indication of where the cut are going to be placed on the work piece. Knowing where the cut are placed is of prime importance {when you cut a wood. Within the recent days, they are doing this with a manual marker, that isn’t terribly correct. With a laser marker, though, a woodworker or carpenter would be 100% positive that the cut are going to be precise and straight.

In the recent days, woodworkers and carpenters complain of getting sore hands when on a daily basis of labor. The most culprit of such painful work-related stress, as scientists have discovered, is that the structure of the tool. Recent ancient tools weren’t merely designed to reduce the strain on the worker’s hands. Makita is all too conscious of this reality. As such, they need come back up with ergonomically designed miter saw handles that creates wood cutting an easier and pain-free expertise.

A power tool sort of a power miter saw is driven by a motor. The general performance of the facility miter saw would depend upon the standard of the motor. When it involves miter saw motor quality, Makita is one amongst the highest players. Makita miter saws have powerful motors that facilitate woodworkers and carpenters do their job easier.

Compact Design:
In the previous days of the ability miter saw, one amongst the prevalent complaints is that the tool is significant. If you’ll work all day on the workshop with an important power miter saw, then that might positively take a physical toll on you. However with a Makita miter saw, you are doing not need to worry regarding obtaining stressed from handling an important power tool. Makita miters saw is meant to be compact and weigh incredibly lightweight.

Makita Corporation is celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year, 2015

Here’s a video about their new tools for this year.

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